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The strength and versatility of Infiltrator Tanks enable a wide-range of installation possibilities including shallow installations and multiple and serial tank configurations. Both the IM- and TW-Series offer the quickest installations in the oniste industry. Other benefits include:

• Lightweight plastic construction allows for easy storage and delivery
• Reinforced lid and access ports
• Can be pumped dry during pump-outs (no need to refill with water)
• Can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of soil cover

IM-Series Tanks
A revolutionary improvement in plastic tank design, offering exceptional strength comparable to concrete tanks. Suitable for use as septic tanks, pump/trash tanks, or rainwater (non-potable) storage/harvesting tanks.
Models: IM-540, IM-1060, IM-1530

IM-Series Potable Water Tank
The Infiltrator IM-Series Potable water tanks are lightweight, strong and durable.These potable, watertight tank designs are offered 
with Infiltrator’s potable heavy-duty lids. Infiltrator injection-molded tanks provide a revolutionary improvement in plastic tank design, 
offering long-term exceptional strength and watertightness. Infiltrator’s IM-Series Potable water tanks are available in 552-gallon, 
1287-gallon and 1787-gallon capacities

Models: IM-550C, IM-1280C, IM-1780C


The watertight Orenco injection-molded Fiberglass Tank* comes in two sizes and has been optimized for use in onsite wastewater collection and treatment system (residential and commercial) and in community-wide effluent sewer systems. As the tank collects and digests organic matter, it provides primary wastewater treatment, reducing wastewater contaminants by 65 – 70%.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% watertight, for optimal wastewater treatment; every tank is water tested before shipping/delivery.
  • Injection molded for unmatched part quality and consistency; eliminates costly call backs for repairs.
  • Made of long-lasting, chemical-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP)
  • Design for 4-ft (1.2m) burial – empty.
  • Light enough to transport in a pickup or small trailer and install with a backhoe (lifting brackets attached).
  • No hassle installation, even on the smallest lots.
  • Accommodates a baffle wall in any of the rib locations, creating a two-compartment tank of various volumes.
  • Directly accepts standard Orenco 24-inch (600mm) diameter PVC risers; adapter available for 30-inch (760mm) diameter.
  • Installation and orientation of inlet and outlet easily accomplished with watertight EPDM grommets.
  • Listed by IAPMO/UPC.   (Link) IAPMO Product Listing



                                  Orenco Fiberglass Septic Tanks withstand 32,000 pounds!

Grease Interceptors – 1000 gallon & 1500 gallon fiberglass

Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors, and grease recovery devices) are plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system. Common wastewater contains small amounts of oils which enter into septic tanks and treatment facilities to form a floating scum layer. This scum layer is very slowly digested and broken down by microorganisms in the anaerobic digestion process. However, very large amounts of oil from food production in kitchens and restaurants can overwhelm the septic tank or treatment facility, causing a release of untreated sewage into the environment. Also, high viscosity fats and cooking greases such as lard solidify when cooled, and can combine with other disposed solids to form blockages in drain pipes.

Grease Interceptor

Zurn grease interceptors are recommended for removing and retaining grease from wastewater in kitchen and restaurant areas where food is prepared. Grease trap is corrosion-resistant cover, flow diffusing baffle, integral trap, and external vented inlet flow control device. The greas trap is furnished with no-hb inlet and outlet as standard connections. IP connections are available upon request.


ZURN (Light Commercial) Catalog

Grease Interceptor Brochure

Engineer Bulletin
Installation Instructions

Engineer Bulletin


Grease Trap Extensions - 6"
    • Available in standard 6" increments
• Ability to use more than one (stackable)
• Special size extensions are available on a
made to order basis.

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Xerxes Corporation is an industry leader-designing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality, cost-effective fiberglass products for the petroleum, chemical, water and wastewater marketplaces. Behind each of our products are decades of on-the-job experience and innovative leadership in the development and fabrication of fiberglass equipment.

Xerxes fiberglass wastewater tanks are:

  • constructed of rustproof, long-lasting fiberglass
  • designed with integral ribs for added strength
  • designed for H-20 load conditions
  • manufactured to applicable requirements of UL 1316
  • manufactured to applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA D120-02
  • manufactured to meet a wide variety of wastewater applications
  • available in single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall models
  • available in sizes from 600 gallons to larger than 60,000 gallons


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Oil / Water Separators

With more and more regulations in place to diminish the impact of oily water runoff on the environment, customers are looking for reliable, cost-effective and long-term solutions. Xerxes’ rustproof fiberglass oil/water separator is one of the strongest, most robust underground separators available. One of the major benefits of a Xerxes underground separator is that customers can select the appropriate flow rate and emergency spill capacity to fit their specific needs. Xerxes was the first company to obtain the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Subject 2215 listing for oil/water separators. In fact, Xerxes worked with UL to develop this new industry standard.

Xerxes oil/water separators are a superior choice for a number of reasons:

  • They are among the most robust underground separators available because they are constructed with integral ribs (functioning like fluting in corrugated board).
  • They are easy and quick to install because they are lightweight, eliminating the need for heavy rental equipment during installation.
  • They are designed to meet customers’ site-specific needs.
  • They are made with a unique and effective vertical-tube coalesces that is removable for easy maintenance.
  • They do not rust because they are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which eliminate the possibility of leakage due to either internal or external rusting.
  • Once installed, they require no corrosion maintenance or EPA-mandated corrosion monitoring.
  • They are available nationwide.

Wet Wells / Lift Stations

Xerxes extensive FRP fiberglass fabrication experience has been applied to the development of custom wet wells and verticall buried basins for lift stations and adjoining valve boxes in municipal wastewater systems, as well as vertically buried basins incorporated into industrial fluid-handling equipment systems.

Historically, concrete wet wells have been vulnerable to corrosion and leaking. Xerxes fiberglass wet wells are manufactured with premium isophthalic/terephthalic resin, with provides corrosion resistance. 

The Xerxes fiberglass wet well comes in a range of diameters that are commonly used in lift station and pump vault applications. Both options are manufactured of long-lasting, rustproof fiberglass. An already durable product becomes even more robust with the addition of ribs.

Like all Xerxes products, the Xerxes fibergtlass, watertight wet well is designed and manufactured for long-term reliability, as well as for easy shipping and installtion.

  Features and Benefits of Xerxes Wet Wells

     • Constructed of long-lasting, rustproof fiberglass
• Constructed with ribs that provide structual strength and antiflotation
• Manufactured to meet specific site requirements
• Designed and manufactured with antiflotation flange
• Manufactured with premium isophthalic/terephthalic resin
• Can be manufactured with resin conforming to NSF Standard 61
requirements (potable water tanks)
• Available in standard diameters of 42-inchs - 12-feet
• Avaiable in standard lengths of 8 - 36 feet *
• Available with a variety of accessories and piping options
• Lightweight and easy to ship
• Easy to install
• Requires no maintenance







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Anchoring Tanks
Deadmen • Hold Down Straps • MOH Straps • Standard Hold Down Straps • Jaw-to-Jaw Turnbuckle

Your local technical representative is responsible for determining an appropriate anchoring system. Failure to ancor a tank when required may cause tank failure, or damge the tank or surroinding property.

Deadmen are typically a reinforced concrete beam. The length of deadmen is typically equal to the length of the tank. The width and thickness of deadmen depend on the tank diameter, water-table neight, number of access openings that extend to the surface and burial depth.
Deadmen anchor point assembly 
Deadmen drawing
Prefabricated Deadmen
Deadmen Installation Instruction

Hold Down Straps are for anchoring Xerxes tanks
Hold Down Strap Dimensions
Standard Hold Down Straps

MOH Straps (Man-Out-of-Hole) strapping system is designed for use in installations where waer is in the excavation and/or where personnel may not enter the hold because of site restraints. An MOH stapping system can be, but need not be, used in conjunction with Xerxes deadmen.
MOH Straps Load Binder Assembly

More information on anchoring system can be found in  Installation Manual and Operating Guidelines 
(page 7 - 7.0 Anchoring Tanks)

Jaw to Jaw Turnbuckle