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Ring Industrial Group’s EZflow Drainage System is the leading geosynthetic aggregate pipe system for use in drainage applications. Manufactured from recycled polystyrene, EZflow evacuates up to five times more water than standard gravel and pipe drainage systems. EZflow provides maximum system life and performance, lower system costs, and an environmentally friendly alternative.


EZflow drain product is 10 feet in length with a slotted pipe surrounded by polystyrene aggregate and enclosed in geotextile mesh. Configurations are available in 10-inch (outside diameter) bundles with a 4-inch pipe and 15” OD bundles with a 6-inch pipe.


  • Ease of Installation. Convenient 10’ sections are easy to connect by using internal couplers. EZflow products can be easily transported and installed by a single worker which dramatically reduces labor costs.
  • Performance. EZflow has a superior flow rate with up to five times the flow rate of gravel, which products quick evacuation of water in the system. EZflow has high storage capacity created by the engineered flow channels in the aggregate.
  • Flexibility. EZflow’s aggregate pipe comination and aggregate only bundles can easily bend around corners and other obstacles to conform to your project needs.
  • Reliability. Using EZflow drainage products means fewer call backs.



  • Foundation Drains. Relieves ground water pressure around the basement of foundation. EZflow drainage products are approved by the SBCCI and the ICC Evaluation Serivces, Inc. (Report #2226 dated August 1, 2006).
  • French Drains. EZflow French drains or curtain drains are used for dewatering soils where water saturation is a problem. Standing water or muddy soil can be eliminated by installing EZflow French drains or curtain drains to gather unwanted or standing water and move it to t downstream outlet.
  • Landscape Drains. Excessive and standing water in or around landscaped areas can be remedied by using EZflow drainage system’s 10” products. The product should be laid around the perimeter of the landscaped area and / or through the landscaped area with outlet point relatively lower than the inlet areas.
  • Retaining Wall Drains. EZflow drainage system’s 10” products are installed at the bottom of the wall with a downward outlet which relieves pressure that water may exert on the wall.
  • Interceptor Drains. EZflow drainage system’s 10” products can be used to intercept groundwater movement toward an area where water table control is essential. Elevation must be lower than protected area.
  • Roof Run-off Drains. Rainwater run-off can be collected from roof by way of guttering and stored in an EZflow drainfield until it can be perked into soil, helping to restore ground water.


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Distribution Boxes

Tuf-Tite offers a complete solution for Drop Box applications. All of our products are corrosion-proof, more durable, and strong.

In a septic environment, no other material can match High Density Polyethylene in delivering a lifetime of trouble-free service Tur-Tite Distribution Boxes are injection molded, using only premium HDPE which contains no fillers or foam.

  4 - Hole D-Box                        6 - Hole D-Box                                            9 - Hole D-Box


S-35 Box Fitting;                                     S-40 Box Fitting;                              P-10 Box Fitting;
Yellow Seal for thin-wall pipes                  Blue Seal for SCH-40 pipes               Orange Plug for unused holes

            P-40 Pipe Plug; Press-fit solid                           SL-4 Speed Leveler; to control effluent flow from a
   water-tight plug for PVC or corrugated pipe                             distribution box. Fits all 4" pipe

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Storm Drain – Strong & Easy Drainage

Durable & high performance of “Storm Drain” ensures a long lasting, permanent solution to the collection and dispersal of standing surface water.

Designed to withstand 10,000 lbs. vehicle weight without moving in concrete.

Quick and Easy Installation!

POLYLOK™ Storm Drain Brochure

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Zurn offers the widest variety of trench drain and utility duct/chase systems in the world.  When it comes to designing trench drains and in floor utility chase, Zurn’s ease of installation, load-bearing strength, hydraulic capacities, chemical resistance, and structural technology assures the designer, contractor and owner the right trench for the job is Zurn’s trench drain and utility chase systems. Zurn pre-engineered modular trench systems takes the guesswork out of the cast-in-place designs of a poured in place concrete trench.

Zurn was founded in 1900 in Erie, PA and to this day continues to manufacture drainage products in Erie, PA. 


Strong and durable to meet the toughest job applications, Zurn trench drain and duct/chase systems are specified
and installed in:

Transportation: highways, airports, ports and rail terminals

Industrial: water and wastewater plants, power plants, chemical and food processing pharmaceutical applications, parking areas 

Sport Facilities: tracks, athletic fields, swimming pools and hardscape areas



Commercial Facilities: fire stations, hospitals, schools, marinas, kennels, gas stations, garages, auto dealerships, vehicle maintenance facilities 


All of the Zurn Flo-Thru Modular Drainage Systems offer an improved method for removing surface liquids for most applications. The Zurn Flo-Thru Systems offer several advantages over either on-site forming or precast polymer concrete systems.

SAVINGS — Lightweight modular assemblies reduce labor and installation time, eliminate costly leveling/alignment hardware and reduce costly freight charges.

FLOW VELOCITY — Built-in molded slope produces superior flow characteristics. Smooth, non-porous internal surface further enhances flow.

VERSATILITY — accessories and ease of modification offer the most versatile trench drainage systems available to satisfy your project requirements.

QUALITY — Modular sections are assembled together to produce straight, uniform drainage systems. Options such as Dura-Coated heavy-duty steel frames and grates, mechanical overlaps, rebar clips, and combination anchor tabs/leveling devices reduce labor during installation and allow for durable, flexible systems.




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