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Rain Stoppers

An Economical Solution to a Costly Problem 

One of the most important problems facing the 21st century is water conservation. The water and sewer industry will be called upon to find new solutions to old problems to insure that water is treated and used efficiently.

During rainy weather, an average manhole contributes from 3,000 to 12, 000 gallons per day of rain water, to, the treatment systems.
   BEFORE                                      AFTER

The NO FLOW IN FLOW dish is made to requirements from virtually indestructible material to offer a simple to install, long lasting product that eliminates sheet flow of rain water into the sanitary sewer system. Added advantages are the elimination of debris and dirt and reduction of manhole odors and manhole cover rattle noise.


  • The dish is made of ultra high density polyethylene copolymer material that meets ASTM specifications designation D1248, Class A, Category 5, Type 111 with a minimum impact brittleness temperature of -180° F. The thickness shall be uniform 1/8" or greater. This material is corrosion proof from all gases associated with waste water collection systems.
  • The lift strap is made of a woven polypropylene web and is attached to the bowl of the dish by a wide head stainless steel rivet and a stainless steel 3/4" backup washer. All cut edges are seared to insure against raveling.
  • Ventilation is provided by a vent hole and/or a valve located on the side of the bowl. The hole or valve allows a maximum release of 5 gallons of water per 24 hours and is not effected by debris that might collect in the bottom of the dish. Sewer gas is vented at one P.S.I. or less.




  • An excellent balance of stress cracking resistance, stiffness and melt strength make this resin an ideal candidate for large blow molded items and thermoformed parts.
  • This resin has ... Good melt Strength ...and produces molded parts with ... Excellent stress cracking resistance, Good Rigidity, Excellent impact strength even at low temperatures.


Cast Iron Covers


B-5105 ASTM specs and drawing


A-1391 ASTM specs and drawing

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Fiberglass Access Lids

Orenco Fiberglass Access Lids provide a secure covering for risers,  pump basins, and access ports. Lids fit PermaLoc, Ultra-Rib, Kor-Flo, and Ultra-Corr pipe. Orenco Fiberglass Access Lids are capable of supporting a 2500-lb wheel load; however, they are not designed or recommended for vehicular traffic. (see cast-iron covers)

Fiberglass Lid Technical Data Sheet

New Landscape Lids by Orenco!

So Real, You'll Want to ...


Landscape Lids don't just look real; they offer real performance and security, too. Like all Orenco's fiberglass lids, Landscape Lids are wateritght, strong, and durable. In fact, they can support a 2500-lb wheel load.

Use Landscape Lids to provide a secure covering for septic system risers and irrigation valve boxes. The come standard with stainless steel hex drive screws and hex key. For a higher level of protection, tamper-proof bolts are also available.

Landscape Lids come in grass, river rock, and bark mulch patterns, in 18", 24", and 30" diameters.

For people that are passionate about their landscaping and want lids that blend in - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Landscape Lids Flyer


Lid Bolts / Grommets

Used for securely attaching fiberglass lids to access riser pipe. These bolts
replace the square drive and non-thread-cutting bolts that were formerly
used, and are suitable to use as replacement bolts. Tamper-resistant, 
stainless steel bolts install flush to the lid surface. Bolts require appropriate
wrench or bit for installation and removal.                                                



Orenco pipe grommets provide a watertight seal at piping penetrations.
All grommets conform to standard IPS pipe sizes. Use with ADH100.

Grommet Submittal Data Sheet

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18", 21", 24", and 30" Diameters
Risers provide access to septic tank openings and can be cast into the tops of concrete tanks, bonded in place, or bolted down using a riser tank adapter. Constructed of ribbed PVC pipe and available in two styles, Ultra-Rib and Perma-Loc. Ultra-Rib is available in 18- and 24-in. diameter. Perma-Loc is available in 30-in. diameter. Standard risers are offered in 6-in. length increments up to 13 ft, while custom risers can be ordered in smaller length increments up to 13 ft. Access riser pipe is also available in bulk.

Product Nomenclature

Access Technical Data

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RLA Riser-to-Lid Adapters

RLA adapters can be attached to 24-inch or 30-inch risers to simplify bolting a lid to the riser. Use a methacrylate adhesive - either MA320, SS115, or SS140 - to bond RLAs to risers. The RLA245 comes standard with an O-ring gasket and 12 pre-drilled holes. it can also be ordered without the O-ring gasket, for use with Orenco's FL24G-4B riser lids. The RLA30 has no gasket and does not come pre-drilled for lid bolts. RLAs areespecially useful when the top of the riser is uneven or has a damaged edge.

RLA Installation Instuctions

RLA Riser-to-Lid Adapter Technical Data Sheet



Adhesive - Epoxy


ADH100 is a single-component adhesive/sealant for sealing pipe grommets and joining PVC or fiberglass risers to ABS or fiberglass PRTA-style tank adapters (where the joint is in shear). Handling strength is achieved within 12 hours; full cure in 2 to 3 days. It comes in a 10.2-oz cartridge tube for application with a caulking gun.

   ADH100 Submittal Data Sheet

   ADH100 Material Safety Data Sheet







SS140 adhesive is a gray two-component methacrylate adhesive for bonding PVC and fiberglass to themselves or each other. It does not bond to concrete. It has the consistency of toothpaste and will sag slightly in warmer temperatures. Surface roughening is recommended and provides the best bond strengths, but is not always necessary. Use SS140 above 65° F and SS115 below 50° F. Working life of mixed adhesive is typically 20 to 30 minutes, and it usually hardens in less than 2 hours, depending on temperature and adhesive thickness. It comes in an 870-mL (29.5-oz) two-part cartridge.

   SS140 Material Safety Data Sheet


MA320 is a white two-component methacrylate adhesive that bonds PVC, ABS and fiberglass to themselves or each other, but does not bond to concrete. It comes in a two-part 200-gram (7-oz) see-through plastic pouch that must be kneaded to mix the two components, then cut open and squeezed to apply adhesive

   MA320 Submittal Data Sheet

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Chlorine Tablet Feeders

Compact LF Series Bio-Dynamic® tablet feeders provide a strong chemical dose - ideal for onsite systems. 

 Compact Bio-Dynamic LF Series tablet feeders provide a chemical dose that is ideal for potable water and wastewater systems subject to high organic loading. Manufactured from PVC for durability and easy installation, integral inlet and outlet hubs accept four or eight inch piping. LF Series feeders are typically used for residential or small commercial onsite applications, stormwater treatment or remote potable water systems. Four different models are available to accommodate flows from 500 GPD through 400,000 GPD.

LF Series Feeders range in length from 16 to 22 inches, and 7 to 12 inches in width. The 24 inch tall, one piece feed tubes are desgned to fit inside standard 4" PVC piping, allowing all LF Series feeders to be surface installed or direct buried. For deeper installations, our optional remote feed tube removal system allows convenient feeder maintenance from grade.

               BIO-DYNAMIC® Dry Chemical Tablet Feeders Brochure
               LF-500 Specifications
               LF-500 Brochure
               LF-500 Manual
               LF-1000 Drawing
               LF-2000 Drawing
               LF-1000, LF-2000 Operations and Installation


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